I sit in my room on a cool October evening, autumn at its peak, with a cup of tea in my hand, and an epiphany right around the corner: I need to start writing again. 

The writing bug had always been inside me, its just that I never really took it seriously, let alone pursue it. Probably because I used to think I need fancy words and ornate language to express myself in a public forum (and maybe I still do). But now come to think of it, it isn’t necessarily true, is it? Why should anyone stop themselves from doing something just because they think they will be critically judged if they do not come off as pseudo-artistic in what they endeavour to do? But such is social media nowadays.

Anyhow, I come back here after more than a year to see that not much has changed. However, I am not here to share any kind of evolutionary, aspiring ideas, something which may be deemed to “change the world”, so to speak. I am just a simple girl with simple thoughts, simple emotions, looking for simple ways to express them here. All I want now is to write about things I always wanted to: life, love, knowledge, relationships, family, and so on. Since I am not well-versed in giving advice on any of these aspects yet, let alone be called an ‘expert’, I will stick to talking about my life and my perspective on such concepts, what all I have experienced and what all I have yet to experience.

Yes, it may not be life-changing, but I will consider it a great achievement if I can help/contribute/improve to change even a single person’s life-situation and give him/her some faith in coming out and talking about it. Hence, here I am, attempting to come out of my own little cocoon, struggling to find myself, to strike a balance between what I want to do and what I need to do; and what would make me happier in this journey is to extend a helping hand to someone who’s going through some struggle as well, be it of any kind.

I do not keep any tabs or schedule on when and how I will continue writing here, I know that I will. This time. I cannot let go of my one true love again.

Here’s to hoping I can help people even in the minutest of ways possible!



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