From “Honey Singh” to “Hendrix”: When Your Mood Chooses the Music for you

Appalled, as you may be, with the blasphemy I might have unintentionally committed, putting someone who starts his name with “Yo Yo”, with the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Fear not, I’m in no mood to distastefully compare the two, in any which way whatsoever (an unintended alliteration, exactly the kind I love!).

As Hendrix rightfully put it, “Music is a safe kind of high.” As much as we like to believe everything we read on the Internet, let’s hope he actually did say this, and that it does not turn out to be one of those blunders where we fake-quote Gandhi apparently saying “An eye for an eye will make the whole blind.” Nevertheless, coming back to the point, it is safe to assume that Hendrix would be the last person to diss the power of music in life. How, you may ask, does a Punjabi pop singer figure in this post?

Our moods can take extreme turns in a matter of several minutes, as many of you will promptly agree with me. If you’re happily listening to Purple Haze at 11:00am in the morning, you might want to jump the guns and go crazy with “Chaar Bottle Vodka”, Yo Yo-ing away to glory at 11.30am. Your mother might pop in your room, see you wipe off tears while listening to “The Scientist” (Coldplay maxed out with this one, it’s par excellence), and after an awkward silence (mostly from your side), leave. Or she might come back to check up on you after a few minutes, gyrating like crazy to “Moves like Jagger” (a poor attempt at imitating Mick, let’s face it, we can never gyrate like him), and wondering what crazy pills you might be on.

It’s not her fault. Many of us (or so I would like to believe, that I’m not the only freak) end up defining our choice of music with the kind of moods we experience at that particular time. This does not mean we forsake the kind of musical inclination we usually have. Since the age of 15 I am a crazy Linkin Park fan, and that definitely has not changed even after 12 years. But there are times when you wish to replace “In The End” with “This Isn’t the End” by Owl City, and there’s nothing wrong with that. At times, it’s inexplicable as to why you have a sudden urge to listen to something which you never dreamed of liking in the first place.

But that’s how certain kinds of music sneaks up on us. It creeps up and takes shelter at the dusty corners of our minds, and we’re baffled as to why we are repeatedly listening to “High Heels” when we know we are downright repelled by the lyrics. I believe the power of music is unfathomable to the human mind, and we might as well give up striving to understand it in any way, rather, enjoy the wide spectrum of “music-moodiness” it brings.

Now, back to my cup of tea and Backstreet Boys on repeat. Do not judge.


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