“One Day at a Time..”


Time. It’s such an odd thing, isn’t it. Time has the ability to completely roll your life over, in a minute, in a week, a month or even a year. It has the power to completely heal you, or ruin you for good. Strange thing, this time is.

I didn’t mean to start this post on such a negative note, but that’s the weird connection of emotions with weaving words, the former dictate the latter even before your brain has time to process it and make it sound politically correct and subtle. Having said this, I’m someone who is a major sucker for retrospection. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of what my life was at that exact day last year, or two years ago, and whether or not I made any significant progress in honing myself as an individual. Whether the struggles I was going through then, have any relevance in my present, and if so, have I actually attempted to overcome them.. Yes, these are the normal “mundane”  thoughts I have on a daily basis. (Which might make you wonder about the morbid intensity of my soliloquy when it comes to certain internal emotional conflicts).

I was, and still am, highly wary of “time”. It has acted as a major roadblock many a times whenever I wished to bask in the glory of my accomplishments, or during the times of happiness, or any sort of a positive reinforcement really, and I used to invariably stop myself from feeling everything in an unadulterated way, fearing that the next minute something will happen that will completely change everything.

There even is a psychological term for it apparently, known as chronophobiaAbnormal fear of the time which is passing. I reckon many of you will be able to empathize with me on this, atleast I’d like to believe so.

Is there a way out? I fervently hope there is. Otherwise my overbearing habits of retrospection might just turn into a recurring nightmare of my past experiences, barring me to live my present, or to look forward to my future.

Time waits for none, and neither should we wait for it to mess up our lives with Utopian situations we don’t even know will occur.

 Confused? Give it time. 


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